Eastern Europe’s biggest IT event

Eastern Europe’s biggest IT event hosted in Eastern Europe’s biggest IT talent pool

Conscensia is once again a gold sponsor of Eastern Europe’s largest IT event. Running from 29th September to 1st October 2017, it boasts speakers from Airbnb, Telenor, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Bayer (Berlin), Tech Crunch, Indiegogo and many more.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and discover the following:

1. Eastern Europe’s largest and fastest growing IT talent pool.

  • Ukraine provides more development power than any other country in Europe: an estimated 100.000 specialists and growing. Roughly 15.000 of these are in Lviv. Use the opportunity to visit a huge and growing hub

2. Business Second:

  • Meet
    • Local IT cluster, Municipal Leaders, Denmark’s leading outstaffer;
  • VP Innovation and Product Governance at Telenor: Developing products and empathy for users that are very different than you. One of the world’s top 10 telecommunications companies;
  • Norwegian Counsellor – Deputy Head of Mission
  • Experience first hand what a successful remote development centre looks like.
    • 200 colleagues, 1.7 million hours of coding delivered.
    • Software for banks, medical companies, e-commerce platforms in the wine and real estate sectors, embedded software development, wind industry solutions etc.
    • How to be agile over distance, how to handle communication properly, what cultural differences mean to scrum/agile SW development and much more;

3. Magical Mystery Tour

  • Voted one of the five best unknown destinations in Europe by Lonely Planet (http://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-europe), this outpost of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is a gem.
  • Together with some leading lights of the IT world, we’ll take you sightseeing and fact checking. A series of meetings in the city centred on the topics of:
    • Product, Business, Technology. This day out will be planned taking into account your technology stack, current challenges etc. and as guides we’ll have some experts in all areas.

We’ll give you a 15% discount on entrance tickets; 20% discount on Lviv’s two best hotels and help with booking flights. 

*Changes to the program might occur

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